Tokaj Excellence Dr. Köpeczi-Bócz Tamás : Wine Specialties are based on Furmint and Linden Grapes

Tokaj Excellence Dr. Köpeczi-Bócz Tamás : Wine Specialties are based on Furmint and Linden Grapes by Shanghai Paper

The foundations of the Tokaj Excellence winery were laid in 2014 with the purchase of land in Tállya, followed by Mád and Rátka. The bulk of the high-lying areas are surrounded by a magical climate of wind-swept, bird-filled landscapes.

Modern plantations have taken the place of the abandoned and rundown capitals, which are now being cultivated. Tokaj Excellence is looking forward to the harvest in the coming years, when they will be able to use the fruits of the capitals they have planted in their wines.

Tokaj Excellence also looked after vineyards that produce fruit that is aged in barrels. The home-grown vineyards in Tállya are Nyrjes, Bojták, Hermit, Sipos, Useful, Rohos, körtánc, Rékka Kerék-oak, and Bádek, Vilmány. They are usually used for reductive processing, but barrel maturation is also used depending on market demand.

Tokaj Excellence’s first wine series was released in 2016, and their product range has gradually expanded since then. White dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines, as well as late harvest wines and Tokaj wine specialties – szamorodni, translation, and asz, essence – are aged in their cellar.

Tokaj Excellence primarily employs technical procedures that adhere to the Tokaj PDO’s regulations as well as the PGI of Upper Hungary, the Zemplén PGI. Furmint, linden, and yellow muscat varieties, as well as cuvées made from them, are available. Furmint and linden grapes are used to make Tokaj Excellence wines.

The size of the Tokaj production area has grown to over 30 hectares over the years, and due to continuous technical advancements, the wine-growing ability keeps pace with the growing demand. The Tokaj Excellence Tray serves as the winery’s and business’s hub. The exploration of new technology and unknown paths in both viticulture and winemaking, while keeping in mind the traditions of the wine region, is an important principle in the growth of their industry.

Very recently, Tokaj Excellence has joined CHINA Awards 2021 and won a Two Gold Medal Award and a Silver Medal Award in this prestigious competition:

Talavera – Furmint/Tokaj PDO – 2019

Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

Nyírjes – Tokaji Aszú 6 puttony/Tokaj PDO – 2017

Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

Full-orbed – Furmint/Tokaj PDO – 2017

Awarded Silver by Shanghai Paper

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