State-of-the-art medical complex in the works

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Shanghai’s Hongqiao Central Business District, is looking to bringing state-of-the-art healthcare.

Bragging its convenient transportation network, it is geared to become a springboard for development throughout the Yangtze River Delta and beyond.

Moreover, the city has designated it as an international hub by 2025.

Health-care facilities including but not limited to pharmaceutical firms, health equipment manufacturers and internal hospitals will sooner take advantage of the opportunities this project is expected to bring.

As of the moment Shanghai Hongqiao International Medical Center is under construction. A creative site for supply-side reforms in healthcare will be put in its complex of multiple services.

Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center Construction Development Co. chairman Yang Ji emphasized how its location is so ideal. Citing how within an hour’s ride by high-speed rail, many cities in the Yangtze River Delta are easily connected to the Hongqiao area.

The city’s health commission has come up with a development plan for the center that will include two international general hospitals, 10 specialty hospitals and various specialized clinics, all privately owned, will be built in two phases.

According to chairman and chief executive of Luye Medical China, Diao Haipeng, The 1 billion yuan first phase will open in 2021 or 2022, while the 2-billion-yuan second phase is expected to go into operation at the end of 2024,

About 4,000 beds will be provided by these medical facilities through the Hongqiao branch of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University.

The health commission revealed that almost 40% of in-patients in the city’s top-level hospitals were from outside the city proving how strong the demand for healthcare is in Shanghai.

Since opening in 2018, about 150,000 patient visits were recorded at the Hongqiao branch of Huashan Hospital. Moreover, there were about 11,000 discharged patients, half of which were non-residents.

One of the highlighted areas in the medical center is the Shanghai Luye-Cleveland Clinic Connected Hospital which will provide a comprehensive range of medical services including cardiovascular treatment, urinary surgery and tumor surgery.

Yang is optimistic about how the Hongqiao International Medical Center will aggregate well-resourced hospitals and clinics from home and abroad and that it will strive to become the new benchmark in healthcare services in the Yangtze River Delta.