Shanghai attracts smart

Shanghai Newspaper_Shanghai attracts smart

Shanghai proves itself to be the most study-conducive area around China as many young AI scientists have come to Shanghai to seek entrepreneurship opportunities because of its improved business environment, speakers told the AI-Young Scientists High-Level Conference, a sub-forum of the WAIC, World Artificial Intelligence Conference heard yesterday.

Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Tom Mitchell, known as the “father of deep learning,” said AI was growing rapidly in the education, transport and health care sectors.

He joined Squirrel AI Learning as its chief scientist in 2018. He decided to join the Shanghai startup, which has more than 2 million online learners,He saw great potential in AI education in China, thus this move.

A professional AI Intellectual Property Rights Trade Center made its debut in the Pudong New Area during the WAIC event. The center has been set up to help boost AI innovation and applications.

The AIYS, AI Young Scientists Alliance welcomes 15 new scientists to the alliance. Mostly under 30, the scientists will get support from organizations mainly from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Microsoft.

Zhao Junbo, who obtains PhD from New York University and was tutored by Turing Award winner Yann Lecun joined Tigerobo this year. Shanghai-based Tigerobo, founded only in 2017, highlighted its AI applications in the financial information sector, which can help users search and access data or information quickly. It has already raised funds of 400 million yuan.

Lee Kaifu, chairman and chief executive of Sinovation Ventures, said that China and the United States are in “almost equal positions” in AI development. Both countries are steadily representing the world’s most advanced AI technology development level. He previously worked for Microsoft, Apple and Google.