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SELI : A Premium Natural Mineral Water

SELI : A Premium Natural Mineral Water

SELI natural mineral water comes from the largest mountain range in North Greece, Vermio, with its fertile slopes and extensive colorful plateaus.

Every drop of SELI natural mineral water, precious and crystal clear, contains within it all the beauty and majesty of nature.

Precious by Nature as it springs from the natural flow source Assos

Among an incredible vegetation, SELI natural mineral water follows the natural cycle of water as it is bottled directly at the natural flow source Assos. The source of natural mineral water, which has been recognized and certified by the European Union, always springs pure and crystal clear water suitable for a low sodium diet.

Supreme Quality

Carrying a 30 years history and know-how in the water bottling industry, SELI is a high-end boutique factory that achieves the highest safety, hygiene and quality following the best international practices throughout all the stages of the production process.

Moreover, daily checks are carried out in a state-of-the-art microbiology laboratory by qualified personnel, in collaboration with international independent laboratories and in accordance with ISO 22000 – HACCP, guarantee a final product absolutely safe

SELI natural mineral water has also acquired an international passport, strengthening its position in the demanding European markets, such as Germany, Romania and Cyprus.

The award-winning natural mineral water SELI is your new premium choice and is available in the following packaging:

Product (PET)PackagingUnits / PaletLayers / Palet
1.5LT x 6 packsShrink Film844
0.5LT x 12 packsShrink Film1267
0.5LT x 24 packsShrink Film637
1   LT x 12 packsShrink Film605
1.5LT x 12 packsCarton505
1   LT x 12 packsCarton605


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