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SAS BIROT BY NEW CENTURY : Great Bordeaux Wines

SAS BIROT BY NEW CENTURY : Great Bordeaux Wines

The Château de Birot is a historic property that dates from the early seventeenth century and is located near Béguey, 35 kilometers southeast of Bordeaux. Everything is done to improve the grape’s production, which is positioned on a ridge overlooking the Garonne valley. Birot becomes the focal point of an agricultural estate dedicated to the cultivation of vines on the best coastal terroirs.

The Château de Birot, located on the Garonne’s foothills, provides an unrivaled view of the sweet wine area of Bordeaux, with the best vintages of Sauternes as a backdrop!

The Domaine has 40 hectares, with 35 of them planted with vineyards. The vineyard has a distinctive South/South-West orientation, with clay and limestone slopes in Asteria and gravel ridges from the Garonne. It obtains a consistent supply of water and minerals as a result of its soil and optimal exposure.

The vineyard is handled in a way that is respectful to our surroundings and nature. As a result, to reduce insect populations and sustain biodiversity in our vineyard, we apply reasonable pest control approaches, maintain hedgerows, and construct nesting boxes around plots. Today, the Château de Birot team is at the service of its vineyard.

The installations were made to meet the requirements that we established for ourselves. We can receive the fruit, sort it, and then gravity-feed it into the vats, preserving the organoleptic traits of each grape variety, thanks to the two-story vinification cellar.

At the end of fermentation, the wines are tasted and mixed. The batches are then tested every month to track their progress and prepare for bottling during the aging period.

As a result of all of this follow-up work, Château de Birot is able to produce wines that are balanced, finessed, and precise. As a result, the wines have both long-term consistency and the personality of each vintage.

Very recently, Château de Birot has been recognized and awarded TWO GOLD Medal Award and SILVER Medal Award by China Wines & Spirits Awards 2021Shangai Paper:

Château de Birot AOC Bordeaux Blanc 2019 – Semillon/Sauvignon

Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

For the production of Château de Birot blanc, the Sauvignon and Semillon plots are harvested and then blended in a respective proportion of around 70% and 30%. Aging in vats and barrels on fine lees follows for 3 months. This blend gives it liveliness, roundness and fat.

Pale and shiny yellow, it presents a nose with aromas of white flowers and elderberry. A presence that is both lively and round on the palate, with a finish evolving on citrus notes.

This character makes it the perfect accompaniment to seafood platters, grilled fish or cheese.

Château de Birot AOC Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2018 – Merlot/CabernetSauvignon/Cabernet Franc

Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

Vinified with the greatest care and respect for tradition, Château de Birot expresses the grandeur and beauty of its terroir in each vintage.

After harvesting at optimum maturity for each plot and individually monitored and controlled fermentations, the lots are aged for 12 months in barrels and vats before being bottled at the Château 18 months after harvest.

The wines of Château de Birot combine the finesse of their fruity texture with a contained power and a very good length in the mouth.

Birot Vintage AOC Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2018 – Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon

Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

From the two oldest plots of the property, the “Birot Vintage” is our exceptional cuvée; worthy of the greatest Bordeaux wines.

Everything is implemented in the vineyard, starting with pruning and then mechanical work of the soil and without herbicides until maturity control in order to achieve optimum maturity. In the cellar, the grapes are vinified in temperature-controlled vats so as to express fruit and tannins that are as silky as possible. Then comes the time of aging which is done exclusively in barrels for 12 months before bottling 18 months after harvest.

Birot Vintage is a “hand-sewn” wine! It combines the finesse of ripe fruit and its complexity with a tannic structure and perfect balance. Very good length in the mouth.

A great wine to keep!

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