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Romano Winery : Of Wines and Hardwork

Romano Winery : Of Wines and Hardwork

Rich in palatable history that goes back from the 1890’s when the copious vineyards are acquired, Romano Winery’s vineyards bore fruit out of labor and sheer hard work.

PrimeLuci Rosso 2016 Shanghai Awards 2019

Initially taking its shape in the 1980’s, the Romano family has carefully looked after such property and enabled their wine making process flourish defying generations. It all began when spouses Francesca and Lorenzo accrued the dowry that was given to them by their father Angelo. They worked hard to continue their oenological activity. Today, the progressive plant of C. Da Ramotta and C. da Cambucca vineyards are its fruitful aftermath.

Just recently, Romano Winery joins the Shanghai Awards 2019 and got itself Gold medals for both the well structured and robust taste of PrimeLuci Rosso 2016 and the delicate taste of red berry fruit in Fawarah Nerello Mascalese 2016.

Not only does Romano Winery finds pride in their wines but recently have ventured into wine tourism in 2017. The Cantina della Famiglia Romano is designed to be a wine-resort, eno-restaurant and a villette for the residence of wine lovers. Thus, catering a thousand ways more to wine enthusiasts be able to conduct wine events of international significance.


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