Produttori Di Govone SAC : Produces high quality wines

Produttori Di Govone SAC by Shanghai Paper
Produttori Di Govone SAC by Shanghai Paper

The Govone Producers Winery, which was established in 1957 and is located in the areas of Alba, Langhe, Roero, Asti, and Monferrato, produces high-quality wines that are recognized internationally and represent the region. The winery currently has around 250 members who are owners or tenants of 300 hectares of vineyards.

In total we can consider 295 hectares of vineyards for a global wine production of about 2.000.000 liter per year.


The cellar is a lovely blend of creativity, tradition, and modernity. Visitors should breathe in the heritage of the manufacturers, who are increasingly pursuing the achievement of a high-quality finished product with outstanding characteristics as their ultimate target.

The Langhe and Roero wine regions are among the most generous in terms of quality and variety of wine production in the world. All is focused on a specific geographical area.

The Roero north of the Tanaro is known for its steep cliffs and steep rock walls, as well as valleys and hills that create different microclimatic conditions, allowing the grapes to express fine and intense aromas.

The Langhe are located in Piedmont’s southern region, and their name refers to the hills that run parallel to one another, forming deep and narrow valleys.

The calcareous-clayey soils of the Langa lands produce full-bodied, well-structured red wines, while the sandier and softer soils of Roero produce wines with distinct and unmistakable aromas.

The Monferrato and the Asti have a wide range of soil types, from sand to silt to clay, and as a result, there are cultivated varieties with distinct characteristics.

After careful selection, the grapes arrive in the cellar and are transferred to steel barrels, where the transformation process begins.
Each processing phase is meticulously scrutinized in order to meet the quality certification criteria of the ISO 22000 norm.

The aging department receives wines that need to be aged in wood in a quiet setting. The bottling department, warehouse, and storage department are also included. The traceability method that is used in the manufacturing processes to produce excellent results has increased attention to quality in recent years.

Customers from all over the world seek out Italian excellence in the areas of Alba, Langhe, Roero, Asti, and Monferrato, and the business produces around 3 million bottles a year for their enjoyment.

Very recently, Produttori Di Govone SAC has been recognized and awarded GOLD Medal by China Awards 2021 – By Shanghai Newspaper, Produttori Di Govone SAC wines are indeed excellence in quality.


Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper


Awarded Silver by Shanghai Paper

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