Metinella : Tradition and Modernization in Harmony

Metinella : Tradition and Modernization in Harmony

Metinella may be young, founded sometime in 2015, but its harmony can be recognized to be that of a veteran’s when it comes to winemaking.

Founded through the alliance of two realities of the Nobile vineyards, Metinella utilizes the fruits of nature their vineyards had to offer. With strict implementation not to use chemical products, best quality ingredients sure make up their finest wines.

Major renovations, restorations and improvements were made to further enrich the land that they already have in hand. They even redeveloped and renewed their plants,vineyards re-aligned. The cellar is renovated as well, growing plants that helped in controlling temperature and humidity, even the wooden barrels were replaced.

With a vast 22-hectare property, cultivating 18 vineyards altogether, Metinella vows to remain faithful to tradition while being equally geared up to modernization inevitable brought about by time. Carefully selecting the raw materials and let everything go through a strict production process, it is undeniably within Metinella’s goal to ensure quality in every little ounce of their product. The packaging for one is a great interpretation of how Metinella ought to connect tradition and modernization.

Just recently, Metinella joined the Shanghai Awards 2019 and bagged Gold Medal honors for 142-4 – Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG – Sangiovese/Montepulciano/Tuscany – 2015 and Rossorosso – Cabernet Toscana Rosso IGT – Cabernet/Montepulciano/Tuscany – 2016. Truly exuding elegant structure, with velvety and balanced tannins, their wines proved to be very elegant on the palate.