Interbrosa S.L.: Savor the Taste of Victory in the Chinese Wine Market

Interbrosa S.L.: Savor the Taste of Victory in the Chinese Wine Market by Shanghai Paper

The Chinese wine and beverage market has witnessed a surge in demand for exceptional products, creating opportunities for distributors and importers to excel. Among these industry leaders, Interbrosa S.L. has emerged as a prominent player. Renowned for their exquisite Campo Abierto wines, Interbrosa S.L. has recently achieved remarkable success, winning four prestigious Gold Medal Awards and one Silver Medal Award at the esteemed China Awards 2023.

Interbrosa S.L.’s dedication to excellence is evident in their 4 Gold Medal Award-winning Campo Abierto products. Let’s explore these remarkable wines that have captivated the judges:

  1. Campo Abierto D.O. Ribera Del Duero: Crafted with 100% Tempranillo grapes and aged for six months, the 2022 vintage of Campo Abierto D.O. Ribera Del Duero showcases the region’s rich flavors and complexity. With its enchanting character and well-balanced structure, this wine embodies the essence of Ribera Del Duero.
  2. Campo Abierto D.O. Terra Alta: Blending 80% Garnacha Tinta with 16% Cariñena, the 2022 Campo Abierto D.O. Terra Alta offers a harmonious fusion of flavors. Aged for four months, this wine beautifully reflects the unique terroir of Terra Alta, delivering a captivating and memorable experience.
  3. Campo Abierto D.O. Rioja: The 2022 Campo Abierto D.O. Rioja is a true tribute to the allure of Tempranillo. Made exclusively from 100% Tempranillo grapes and aged for six months, this wine embodies the elegance and finesse for which Rioja wines are renowned. Its vibrant fruit character and seamless integration of oak make it an exquisite representation of the region.
  4. Campo Abierto D.O. Cava: Interbrosa S.L. demonstrates their versatility with the Campo Abierto D.O. Cava. This sparkling wine, produced using Macabeo and Parellada grape varieties, undergoes the traditional method of double fermentation in the bottle. With its effervescence, crispness, and enticing aromas, it stands as an excellent choice for special occasions.

In addition to their Gold Medal Awards, Interbrosa S.L. also received a Silver Medal Award for their Campo Abierto D.O. Rueda. Crafted from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes of the 2022 vintage, this wine captivates with its vibrant acidity, aromatic profile, and refreshing nature. It showcases the winery’s commitment to crafting exceptional white wines.

The China Awards 2023, organized by, is a prestigious platform that celebrates excellence in the Chinese beverage industry. Interbrosa S.L.’s remarkable achievement of four Gold Medal Awards and one Silver Medal Award underscores their commitment to delivering outstanding wines to the Chinese market.

Interbrosa S.L. has positioned itself as a champion of excellence in the Chinese wines and beverage market, offering a superb range of Campo Abierto wines. Their recent success at the China Awards 2023, winning four Gold Medal Awards and one Silver Medal Award, reaffirms their dedication to providing Chinese consumers with unforgettable drinking experiences. To explore their remarkable portfolio and learn more about Interbrosa S.L., visit their website at