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Idilio Origins : Premium Swiss Chocolate

Idilio Origins : Premium Swiss Chocolate

“Idilio” stands for the bond with nature, the diversity of a mixed culture of tropical plants and fruits, the devout care and harvest of finest cocoa beans, their careful fermentation and sun drying by the small farms. The Spanish word is a small poem that sings the romance of the natural life, a sweet experience, a gem.

“Origins” refers to the company’s philosophy of concentrating on selected individual layers and noble cacao varieties, of working directly with local producers and securing the sophisticated transport of cocoa beans from their place of origin to the Swiss chocolate production itself.

Swiss chocolate owes its typical delicately melting character to the world-wide unique technology of fine rolling and conching. For our Criollo Cacaos, we use the traditional Conche, the so-called longitudinal driver, which is particularly gentle as no modern stirring method can develop the fine flavors of the noble Cacaosorten.


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