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Fuxin gives motor racing industry a go

Fuxin gives motor racing industry a go

Fuxin is set to establish new economic pillars as it aims to develop its motor racing industry being very well known about their rich coal resources.

Racer Gu Zhijian was deeply impressed by the racetrack built in an abandoned mine pit. He came to fuxin in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province for the 2019 Grand Finals of China Offroad Championship.

Fuxin also converted an abandoned mine pit into a race course 150 kilometers away from Shenyang. The city has so far hosted eight races for off-road vehicles, inviting over 300,000 spectators in total.

Fuxin became one of the country’s main sources of coal for industrial use. Open-pit mining started in Fuxin more than 100 years ago. Unfortunately the mining also scarred the landscape and by 2001, the coal reserves were nearly exhausted.

It took the city more than a decade to turn things around. Back then the government couldn’t allocate enough funds to restore the environment of open-pit mines. Private companies were allowed to collect the coal left in the mines to keep the local economy running.

While China was pushing through its supply-side structural reform, Fuxin was also transforming with supportive policies. Xinqiu decided to shut down private mines and seek changes.

In 2018, Zhongke Shenglian, a Beijing-based environmental technology company formulated a plan regarding the mine’s renovation at the government’s request. It was the first time that the racetrack project was proposed for the first time.

Sooner, the company built a 1.3km-long racetrack in a small mine pit and held an off-road race that attracted more than 100 competitors. The race-track is made up of 12 professional tracks with their own auditorium of 20,000 seat capacity.

132 deals in three project investment fairs were signed over the past year. There is also a management enterprise the local government has set up to attract more investment because the environmental restoration of coal pits is costly.

Zhongke Shenglian president, Li Jiangbo revealed that the company used soil solidifiers and dust suppressants for track building which will enable drivers to enjoy wothout causing dust pollution.

Moreover, new products are being developed to improve soil quality and increase the green coverage.


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