From Denmark to Asia: Bornholm Spirits Brings a New Twist to Traditional Spirits

Bornholm Spirits ApS by Shanghai Paper

Bornholm Spirits, a Danish distillery, is making waves in Asia with its unique take on traditional spirits. The company’s products have won several prestigious awards, including 2 gold awards in the China Awards 2023 by Shanghai Paper.

Gin Bornholm Hans Christian Andersen Edition, Organic 37,5 % alc. vol. (Juniper, Cucumber and Lemon) and Vodka Bornholm, Organic wheat 40% alc. vol. Stored on 2 billion year old granite are two of the company’s most popular offerings. The gin is infused with a blend of juniper, cucumber, and lemon, while the vodka is stored on 2 billion-year-old granite, giving it a unique and distinct flavor.

What makes Bornholm Spirits’ products so appealing to Asian consumers is their commitment to using organic and natural ingredients. The distillery uses locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and avoids artificial flavors and additives. Additionally, the distillery’s products are stored in natural materials like granite, which imparts a unique flavor and character to each spirit.

Distributors in Asia are finding that Bornholm Spirits’ products are a perfect fit for the local market. The distillery’s commitment to quality, natural ingredients and unique flavors make its products stand out in a crowded market. Additionally, the company’s emphasis on sustainable practices and local sourcing resonates with consumers who are increasingly interested in environmental issues.

Overall, Bornholm Spirits is a distillery that is worth keeping an eye on. Its unique approach to traditional spirits and commitment to quality ingredients are sure to continue to appeal to consumers in Asia and beyond. For more information on Bornholm Spirits and its products, visit their website at