Food prices remain steady

Food prices remain steady

China is working hard to keep its food prices stable.

Bumper grain harvests, expansion of hog production and sufficient supply of other fresh foods were on the top of its list to achieve just that.

The National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson Fu Linghui stated in a press conference that the country has achieved another year of good harvests this year. Laying a strong foundation is its grain output contributing a record high of around 664 million tons.

Moreover, Fu said that the soaring pork prices drove China’s 4.5 % growth in the consumer price index in November.

It did slow down in November through numerous measures implemented by the government at all levels to expand hog production. The support on large-scale hog breeding and removing unreasonable restrictions on pig raising had a positive impact in the adversity the country was facing.

He also highly attributes the increase in pork imports and the release of pork reserves as important key points in price stability. In addition, local governments also provided price subsidies to support people living in poverty.