Ferdinand Mayr: Wines in Symphony

Ferdinand Mayr_Shanghai Paper

There’s probably no one that can compare to Ferdinand Mayr’s passion when it comes to winemaking. He has enriched his knowledge through theory and practice and have allotted significant time enriching his craft apart from being a part of the academe at the Austrian Wine Academy.

In the strictest sense, Mayr has placed intricate standards when it comes to the quality of his products. His credentials are not there for nothing. Being Austria’s best wine connoisseur back in 1994 and having graduated in 1997 as wine academician at the Academy of Austria.

But Ferdinand Mayr isn’t only fascinated by wine alone as he admits how music is an inseparable thing from his life. Like in any of his ventures, Mayr pours his heart out whenever he plays classic Viennese Heuriger music. Whenever Mayr travels abroad, he takes the opportunity to introduce his wines to distributors and importers alike.

To further bring his products to top class level, Ferdinand Meyr Wines graced the Shanghai Awards 2019 and brought home for itself Gold and silver honors for its three competing products. Cuvée Austria Reserve red 2016 Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt + Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot serves to be a perfect match to grilled meats while Cuvée Österreich Rot 2017, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt + Cabernet Sauvignon boasts its spicy peppery aroma which proves to be a match made in heaven with Asian cuisine.