Foreign fast food chains ordered to disclose suppliers on their website

Shanghai Newspaper _Burger and Fries

Following the recent food scare in Shanghai, authorities order five fast food chain to reveal their suppliers in their respective Chinese websites.

Although such information is considered generally confidential, McDonald’s, Yum Brands, Burger King, Dicos and Carl’s Jr, are apprehended to published their supplier details in their website.

According to reports, the above mentioned firms were among a range of companies that used meat from Shanghai Husi Food, a unit of US-based OSI Group, which was allegedly reported to have improperly handled meat and used expired food.

Initially, food chains were reluctant in complying, because they did not want their competitors to know where they source their food. But according to market research analyst Benjamin Cavender, he thinks it would be a smart move for companies to comply to embody transparency towards their customers and the government alike.

“But in reality, for the situation to truly get better there’s going to have to be stricter oversight directly over the suppliers and that cannot just be coming from the brands, it also has to come from the government.”, he sites on a positive note.

Needless to say, companies are expected to play a critical role in the government’s efforts to strengthen its oversight of food suppliers.