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Ethical Wine at its Finest: Explore the World of Vignobles Gabriel & Co.

Ethical Wine at its Finest: Explore the World of Vignobles Gabriel & Co.

Vignobles Gabriel & Co. is a family-owned business that has become a renowned name in the world of wines and beverages. The story of Vignobles Gabriel & Co. began as a family hobby, which was then transformed into a collective that is committed to ethical wine.

At Vignobles Gabriel & Co., partner winegrowers are bound by a charter of commitment to produce the best quality wines. Their commitment has led to their wines receiving numerous awards, including seven Gold Medal Awards at various competitions.

Their wines LMEDOC2018 – MEDOC – ROUGE – 2018, LSEM2021 – SAINT EMILION – ROUGE – 2021, LMEDCRUB2020 – MEDOC CRU BOURGEOIS – ROUGE – 2020, LSEGCBIO2018 – SAINT EMILION GRAND CRU – BIO ROUGE – 2018, LSEM2019 – SAINT EMILION – ROUGE – 2019, LBCBR2022 – BLAYE COTES DE BORDEAUX – ROUGE – 2022, and LBR2022 – BORDEAUX – ROUGE – 2022, have won Gold Medal Awards at prestigious competitions such as the China Awards 2023 by https://shanghai-paper.com/.

The dedication of the team at Vignobles Gabriel & Co. is evident in the quality of their wines. The daily work is orchestrated by a dedicated team that works tirelessly to ensure that every bottle of wine meets the highest standards of quality.

Vignobles Gabriel & Co. is committed to ethical wine, which means that they take into account the social, economic, and environmental impact of their business. Their commitment to ethical wine is reflected in their partnership with winegrowers who share their values and commitment to sustainability.

Vignobles Gabriel & Co. is a brand that is dedicated to producing the best quality wines while being committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Their wines have won numerous awards and recognition, and their commitment to quality is evident in every bottle. If you are a wine and beverage market distributor or importer, then Vignobles Gabriel & Co. should definitely be on your radar. Visit their website https://www.vignoblesgabriel.com/ to learn more about their wines and their commitment to ethical wine.


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