Home Featured DST Technology is a breath of fresh air amidst China smog

DST Technology is a breath of fresh air amidst China smog

DST Technology is a breath of fresh air amidst China smog

It must be the worst time of the year for smog in China yet again. Shanghai skylines glisten in an unwelcome manner.

Smog is a type of intense air pollution. It is basically fog with the attributes of smoke in its opacity and odor combined with other atmospheric pollutants.

Chinese people have become accustomed to it and probably just deal with it as it occurs. However it has raised concerns about air quality and related health effects recently. People cannot help but put face masks and turn on purifiers as they shut their windows down.

It has obviously raised demand for better air quality monitoring with numerous startups open.

DST Technology, founded in 2012, has been quite exemplary in air-quality monitoring. Because unlike Xiaomi and other manufacturers of consumer-oriented air monitoring devices, DST Technology is focused on selling to corporate clients.

Liu Sitam, founder and chief executive of DST Technology reveals that with a little over $14 million revenue last year, the company is targeting shopping malls, offices and other upscale properties.

He is familiar in the evolution of industry-grade sensors as the company started making that specific product line having been part of Honeywell for five years as a senior sales representative.

Since environmental protection has come to the public consciousness, Liu found the opportunity where sensors can be presented to the market. That prompted him to set up his own business and leave Honeywell for good.

Liu explains that the dynamic monitoring process will come up with better results as compared to air monitoring, which by definition just meant air quality testing which changes every minute.

Fine airborne particles and principal culprit of respiratory diseases PM2.5 will now be recognized and monitored alongside other variables including but not limited to, air pressure, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, humidity and noise. DST Technology is relying on an abundant supply of self-developed air monitors and Internet of Things technology.

Liu finds measuring this variables significant because it is closely related to human health. He brags that their company’s technology can also be applied to industrial set up to keep hazardous gases under supervision. He added that they have also enables their devices to monitor anions in the air in relation to such findings that it is a factor conducive to longevity.

The Chinese market is now full of air-quality monitors ranging between 200 to 2000 yuan per piece. DST Technology aims to be the benchmark claiming that it all boils down to performance. They are confident that their products can deliver quality, reliability and consistency.

Liu says that their products can be up to 90% accurate just like a top industrial equipment but sells at an average price only. DST Technology labels itself as not only a hardware manufacturer focused on making sales, but a company who is very keen in delivering better services to customers.

In the long run, he wants to witness DST Technology’s evolution from a service to software company in the air monitoring field.


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