Dossenheimer Padres Bräu: Gastronomic Brewery Haven

Dossenheimer Padres Bräu Shanghai Newspaper

Known to be a respectable beer factory which primarily works on fruit beers, Dossenheimer Padres Bräu established its remarkable existence in the market through creation of special types of beers. Their creation made a gastronomic type of impression which offers above par satisfaction to customers.

Wheatpagner Fabienneis wins Gold in the Shanghai Awards 2019

With exclusive preference to locally produced raw materials, Dossenheimer Padres Bräu ensures the high quality of products which they personally check. With the rarity of German fruit beers, it has been typically confused with beer mix drinks, but due to their special brewing process, their products are categorized as such.

With the fruit, fruit juice and fruit puree being added to the cooking and fermentation process together with yeast, they sure taste of very fine special beers to satisfy one’s taste buds.

It’s aperitif beer, Wheatpagner Fabienneis wins Gold in the Shanghai Awards 2019. Basically a wheat beer fermented with white grape juice with a champagne yeast, its carbon dioxide content is 11g / liter similar to that of a champagne absolutely provides magic when you taste it. Dossenheimer Padres Bräu embodies sophistication truly gratifying to the senses.