Consoli : A Good Mix of Tradition and Innovation

Consoli : A Good Mix of Tradition and Innovation

Consoli traces its history from the special interest and passion of Sante Consoli when he founded the company in 1920. From his humble beginnings, the small winery, there thrived Consoli which made its mark in the winemaking industry.

Their passion for wines are passed down from one generation to another which goes with having to mention the strong ties they had with Olevano Romano. Being the dynamic company that they are, Contati was able to make itself known amidst strong competition in the market through high quality product and stellar service.

Brothers Roberto and Renato took over the company after their father died in 1973. They modernized Contati’s then bottling process and worked on improving the brand. Daughters Alessia and Daniela joined the company in 2008 and the upgrading phase went all out by that time.

With the revamp on full gear in 2018, changes in marketing and customer service have relevantly became evident. Consoli has enabled itself to offer personalized services to customer and clients alike alongside transportation and shipping of products too.

Consoli even graced the Shanghai Awards 2019 and got itself awards for its products. Alma Mater Cesanese Doc 2014, Oddone Cesanese and Poggio Dei Consoli Merlot took home Gold medal honors for Consoli, undeniably proving to its competitors how qualified their products are.