Coke finds new home in Shanghai

Swire Coca-Cola moves to Shanghai

Swire Coca-Cola announces Wednesday, 31-July 2019 about its transfer in Shanghai from their former headquarters in Hong Kong.


In line with Swire Coca-Cola’a aim to focus on its global strategy, they have established another corporate focal point in Pudong New Area in Shanghai.


Swire Coca-Cola signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the local government which aims to increase investment in the Pudong New Area. Such undertaking will help further expand their business in China.


Considered as one of the biggest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, Swire Coca-Cola has the exclusive right to manufacture, market and distribute products of the Coca-Cola Company. Their vast market include 11 provinces and Shanghai in the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong, Taiwan and the western area of the United States are also included in the list, representing approximately a total of 728 milllion franchise population.


Swire Coca Cola’s annual sales of still and sparkling drinks sum up to a whopping 1.6 billion unit cases in 2018.


The move to Pudong New Area Shanghai attracted foreign investors involving 4.22 billion US dollars. Seeing this breakthrough, eleven other multinational companies establish their regional headquarters in Pudong during the same period. Apple and global sports goods retailer Decathlon hope this move of theirs will result to better things just like that of Coca-Cola’s.