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Clément Rol: two restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai

Clément Rol: two restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai

Four establishments in the region offer post-baccalaureate training, the students of which have sometimes started a career far from the Garonne valley. Interview with Clément Rol, a former trainee of the CFA (Apprenticeship Training Center) “Shops and Services” which develops its activity in China.

What are you doing in China?

I am a restaurant owner, under the current status of autoentrepreneur, in Beijing. I created my own network within the city, being more mature professionally and personally.

How did your training in Blagnac help you?

Thanks mainly to a formation of business leader, especially in the kitchen, management and communication, of which I keep very nice memories, with a teaching team of CFA always listening, from where unforgettable friendships. We were very proud of the training we followed. This allowed me to get my BTS and have been able to work in one of the largest houses in Toulouse.

Do you go home regularly?

I usually come back every other year, but this year I stayed in Beijing with a business too recent to be able to return. We celebrated Christmas on December 25 at noon with expatriate friends in a French restaurant.

Are you satisfied with your choice to live abroad?

Very satisfied with my choice, both personal and professional, and I have always been supported by my entourage. A beautiful adventure, without ever losing sight of France, which I see differently from here, with nostalgia.

What are your plans, your desires now?

Coast project, I’m three months from the opening of a second restaurant in Shanghai. On a personal level, I want to deepen my knowledge of China, meet more people, and travel more throughout Asia.


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