China’s wine app culture at a glance

China's wine app culture at a glance

China has been very clear about developing its own when it comes to science and technology. In a country where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google is not permitted, China sure is very definite about its policy of utilizing their own.

The country has indeed made itself known in becoming a leading and independent tech nation. According to a report made by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), over 57% of its population are internet users.

And such feat has become useful to China’s love affair with fine wine.

China is the second largest wine market in the world from the investors and business owners’ stand point. From a February 2017 statistics report, there are 48 million wine drinkers in China, China loves wine and global business owners love China.

With the app culture piercing its way in the wine market, here are a few wine apps that are booming within the wine consumers in China.

喝啥Hesha whiuch means ‘what to drink!’ was launched in 2013. It was founded by Handon Hu and was inspired by the Momo app. Hesha includes its core location-based person finder feature. It has become a hot item for Chinese millenials because it brings about youngsters to socialize over a glass of wine.

Its edge is based on the flirty dating app with an all-about-alcohol add-on. It also has a news feed like that of a Facebook and has filters to help customers select their wine by food type, occasions, and drinking purposes.

Meanwhile, WeChat Wine is a collaboration of wine with WeChat. It connects wine lovers with premium Australian vineyards. China has been reported to have strong preference for French and Australian wines.

China’s biggest wine importer COFCO Wine & Spirits launched a wine app with American wine critic James Suckling. This app allows COFCO to translate and use Suckling’s tasting notes, videos and tasting reports for wine sale and education in China. This application, available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod is expecting to break the barriers in the Chinese wine industry.

In 2016, China’s huge multinational electronics and home appliances company, Haier, invested $10million in a wine app – 9KaCha.

According to CBInsights, 9KaCha is a wine application with image recognition technique, and has a database on imported wine and a search engine. It updates the user about pricing, company details, ratings and flavor profile of wines alongside various drinking culture and latest trends.

Chinese millennials are getting into exploring the history, cultural background, and want to get wine savvy. The wine app culture in China is flourishing at a great pace- going nowhere, it is here to stay.