China’s take out sector delivers strong

Shanghai Newspaper_ China’s take out sector delivers strong

Meituan Research Institute and China Hospitality Association released a report yesterday stating that the annual turnover of China’s takeout industry is expected to reach over 600 billion in 2019.

Wang Puzhong, senior vice president of Meituan, China’s biggest takeout platform reveals that a more mature and diverse system has formed in the past five years with digitalization being one of the trends of China’s takeout business.

New features of the catering service industry presented new features including blockbuster products, chain operations and healthy eating, Wang added.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Meituan’s light food takeaway orders grew by 102% year on year. Such statistics reflects the growing trend of more nutritious and healthier diets in the takeout sector.

Moreover, the delivery options are also expanding. New trend reveals that orders for flowers, green plants, cosmetics and daily necessities are growing rapidly.

Indeed, the takeout industry is going out of its way to meet consumer’s daily needs and festive demands.