Home Food China: in this fast food, only robots prepare food

China: in this fast food, only robots prepare food

China: in this fast food, only robots prepare food

The 24-hour Smart Convenience Store offers hot online ordering. Robots will put the food in the oven the time the customer arrives at the shop without a cash desk.
No more cook and cashier, robotic take-away is spreading fast in Shanghai. The idea behind the 24-hour Smart Convenience Store is to offer its customers the order, with their smartphone, remote hot menus. Time to get to the shop, robots will place the dish in an oven adapted to the customer’s choice of menu. An assembly line is responsible for transporting the packaged product in a vending machine. The consumer withdraws his purchase by scanning a QR code.

Steamed, baked, boiled …
Customers can choose from twenty-two products ranging from bread to snacks to a full plate. The robots are able to offer several cooking modes, depending on the ingredients. The dishes can be steamed, boiled or simply reheated in the microwave. “We can cook chicken cutlets in three to five minutes and bread in one to three minutes,” says Huang Yunshu, manager of the shop. The packaged dish arrives by treadmills on shelves held between 40 and 50 degrees.

“I order as soon as I get out of my apartment, everything is ready when I come here, I think this service has a future,” said the resident of Shanghai.

For the restocking of stocks, the robots will fetch the raw frozen products or partially prepared in nearby sheds. Before the end of the year, 500 shops of this type will open their doors in the Chinese megacity.


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