Home Business China gives methanol-run vehicles a go

China gives methanol-run vehicles a go

China gives methanol-run vehicles a go

The 13th National People’s Congress proposed the possibility of using methanol-run vehicles in China into the management methods of passenger cars and new energy vehicles.

According to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country will encourage enterprises to improve their capacity in manufacturing methanol automobiles in a bid to meet the market’s demand.

The ministry is looking further to also promote the application of methanol-diesel compound combustion technology. Thus allowing to develop a variety of vehicle models including methanol cars for commercial use

Aiming to make full use of the advantages of China’s coal resources, the ministry is seriously looking into transformation and upgrade of traditional industries too. Since 2012, methanol cars have been put into operation in Shanxi, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Gansu, total mileage totaling more than 184 million kilometers.

Furthermore, a total of 20 methanol filling stations have been constructed in the same period alongside a series of methanol-related technology standards. MIIT emphasized that China will step up standardized support for the construction of a methanol filling system.

Methanol is widely considered a clean fuel for engines, It can greatly reduce the harmful emissions by cars to help improve environmental quality. Methanol is also advantageous when applied to heavy vehicles in replacement to diesel.


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