CHINA : Different types of beer drinkers

CHINA : Different types of beer drinkers by Shanghai Paper

Companies can customize their tactics to their target consumer groups using market segmentation. Companies will be able to build their businesses with accurate targeting and successful marketing if they understand the different types of beer customers in China.

Beer Consumer Groups in China

The Explorers

This category consists of younger Chinese beer drinkers who do it for the pleasure of it. They have upended the age-old habits in China’s beer sector as a result of their increased exposure to global patterns. Instead of their parents’ tried-and-true pale lagers, these drinkers choose the unusual and offbeat ones that act as extensions of their personalities. They regard beer consumption as a social occasion and a means to unwind after a long day or week.

The Explorers sample a wide range of beers, from dark ales to pale lagers, imported and domestic brands. They are, unsurprisingly, China’s largest beer users. This group is always looking for new types and flavors to try. Recently, a growing number of these drinkers have begun to favor low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beers, also known as “healthier” brews. Meanwhile, they do not have a high level of brand loyalty. To capture their attention, businesses must create a distinct product image and message.

The Enthusiasts

They are beer connoisseurs in China who appreciate artisan and speciality beers. From the brewing process to product reveal and taste testing, this crew works to educate themselves on all facets of the industry. These beer drinkers frequently serve as opinion leaders and influencers, advising and teaching others on which beers to sample. They enjoy going to brewery tours and tasting activities. This group, like The Explorers, consumes beer to unwind, enjoy, and be engaged.

While they are open to trying new flavors, The Enthusiasts prefer crafts and speciality beers that are not available in a typical convenience shop. In China, there is a growing desire for higher-quality, innovative brews. Craft beers are becoming more popular, however they are still lagging behind local favorites like Tsingtao and Snow. They’re usually more expensive than the mass-market, low-alcohol-content versions offered across the country, but because to increased disposable income, many Chinese can afford them.

The Loyalists

These are China’s core beer drinkers, a sizable group of men between the ages of 18 and 29. Unlike the Explorers, they usually avoid sampling new flavors on the market, preferring to stick to tried-and-true low-cost, mass-produced, and supermarket-friendly brews and brands. Their purchases are influenced by their location and convenience. This demographic also drinks a lot on-premise and likes to socialize around beer and sports.

“Sports, beers, and bros” is one of marketing’s most trusted customer personas in China. This campaign is aimed at a certain group of males who enjoy drinking beer while watching sports and, more lately, while participating in competitive video gaming or e-sports. This was demonstrated during this year’s World Cup, when beer sales in China skyrocketed in the weeks leading up to the event. In anticipation of robust demand, the stock prices of key local beer brands also increased.

Final Thoughts on the Different Types of Beer Consumers in China

Companies can build successful marketing techniques and promotions that will boost their chances of success by understanding the segmentation of the Chinese beer industry. We’ll go over how to properly appeal to each demographic in upcoming articles.