Chilean wine exports increases

Chilean wine exports increases

Mario Pablo Silva, president of trade promotion group Wines of Chile believes that China is a fundamental partner for Chile, especially as a market for Chilean wines.

Chile’s wine is known for its quality and variety. And in the last Santiago Wine Harvest Festival, China proved why it is a top export destination for Chile’s wines.

Top 35 wineries gathered up in Chile’s capital Santiago to offer wine aficionados a rundown of their favorite all time vintages. Both organizers and participating wineries recognize the important role China is taking part in the country’s wine sector,

2018 numbers reveal that more than 8 million cases of wine were exported to China in the 55 million cases exported by South American countries. Indeed reflective of China’s fondness for Chilean wine especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Carménère is a blend of two dark red grape varieties that are both native to Bordeaux in southwestern France. Cabernet Sauvignon has become one of the world’s most transplanted varieties, now found everywhere from California to Australia. Carménère, conversely, has all but disappeared from its homeland and is now Chile’s signature grape. The two are most often seen blended together in the vineyards of this South American country.

Marketing manager at Wines of Chile, Angelica Valenzuela reveals how the free trade agreement between China and Chile, in effect since 2006 and updated in March, helped boost wine exports to the Asian giant. It was in effect since 2006 and was updated March this year increasing export numbers between 30 and 50% a year.

It was in 2017 when China became Chile’s leading destination market representing high growth potential.

Clara Cortes, Siegel’s representative shares that their company’s shipments to China increased 16% last year.

Siegel Vineyard has more than 700 hectares planted in vineyards distributed in 7 farms strategically located from the foot of the Andes mountain range in Los Lingues, to the most coastal zones like Peralillo and very close to the Pacific Ocean in the Leyda valley.It is Chile’s third largest exporter to China.

Cortes reveals how the Chinese are just beginning to explore varietals and quality vintages.
Furthermore, Silva takes pride in knowing that Chilean wine is the national product with the “the strongest entry into China with the Chile brand on its label. Indeed, he is proud to see that that the Chinese people have very good opinion of Chile.