Home Featured AZ.AGR.MEROI DAVINO DI MEROI PAOLO : One of Friuli’s most exciting and ambitious wineries

AZ.AGR.MEROI DAVINO DI MEROI PAOLO : One of Friuli’s most exciting and ambitious wineries

AZ.AGR.MEROI DAVINO DI MEROI PAOLO : One of Friuli’s most exciting and ambitious wineries

Meroi is one of Friuli’s most exciting and ambitious wineries. Paolo Meroi, the owner, is ambitious and energetic. Taking the counsel of his close friend Enzo Pontoni of the Miani winery in the vineyard and cellar doesn’t hurt him at all.

Around two thousand years ago, the Lombard tribe recognized the special location of the present-day wine village of Buttrio. As a result, it’s not surprising that the best and most well-known wineries in Friuli may be located nearby – at the start of the Colli Orientali del Friuli – and nestled between gorgeous hills.

The Davino Meroi Winery is a rising star in the wine world. Paolo Meroi now leads the family firm, which bears his father’s name, with zeal. Grandfather Domenico had amassed a significant amount of viticulture experience in his earlier years. Paolo can entrust his daily labor in the vineyard and cellar to his buddy Enzo Pontoni, manager of the nearby Miani winery, which is noted for its high-quality wines.

Paolo Meroi has established a personal style for his white and red wines, which are rich of character and exclusively offered in small amounts, despite the fact that his good wines certainly reflect the stamp of his instructor. Davino Meroi’s still-affordable bottlings have risen to the top of regional rankings.

The landowner in the vineyards maintained by young oenologist Mirko Degan places a premium on a late harvest of very ripe grapes and intentionally keeps yields per vine exceptionally low. The wines’ structure and richness are a result of this. In the cellar, the luscious and intense grapes are skilfully handled. In barriques, the must ferments. Malolactic fermentation is also carried out on white wines.

Paolo is regarded as a seasoned expert in the field of exquisite wine maturation. After all, he’d been sharing his oenological discoveries with his friend Enzo for years, initially going against the grain in the winemaking world. Connoisseurs regard the Davino Meroi Winery’s thrilling, harmonic, and always fragrant wines, which are still little known but admired by many competitors, as exceptionally authentic. They are, nevertheless, more recommended to sophisticated aficionados than to naïve wine enthusiasts, according to some expert observers.

Paolo Meroi also enjoys the Trattoria Al Parco, which is located in the heart of a park and is around a hundred years old. The proprietor and his wife Francesca run the pub, which is known for its traditional Friulian cuisine. Grilled meat and game dishes are particularly popular. There has always been wine to appreciate on its own. Guests can see Paolo’s rare items on a guided tour of the Trattoria Al Parco.

Very recently,  AZ. AGR. Meroi Davino Di Meroi Paolo has been recognized and awarded GOLD Medal Award and SILVER Medal Award by China Wines & Spirits Awards 2021 – Shangai Paper:


The wine shows a harmonious, expressive, fresh taste, with velvety tannins, hints of wild berries, plums, cherries, hints of spices, flowers and herbs. Long finish with hints of cocoa and light smoke. 


Dark ruby garnet, spicy blackberry bouquet with herbal and delicate roasted aromas, underlaid with a fine noble wood note. On the palate it is broad, deep and complex in texture, with present, well integrated tannins, well balanced and of excellent length.

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