Az Agr Abbazia di Follina S.s. : Wine of tradition in a modern way, naturally healthy and genuine

Az Agr Abbazia di Follina S.s. : Wine of tradition in a modern way, naturally healthy and genuine by Shanghai Paper

Mr. Michele Dalto built his new winery in 2003, He has a degree in Economics with a concentration in statistics, and he opted to work as a winemaker for a living, assisted by his brothers who work in a completely different area.

It is self-evident that he is a workaholic; he completed his studies by working on building sites in the afternoons and spare time, and he is really pleased of this. It may not have a great production because it is new to the industry and the vines are still young, but there is no doubt that it knows what it is doing.

He has chosen to make the manufacturing sparkle and to personally handle the selling of his goods in order to express all of his passion and enthusiasm to clients while also saving money. It currently only makes one variety of sparkling wine, but more are on the way.

Very recently, Az Agr Abbazia di Follina S.s. has been recognized and awarded GOLD Medal Awards by China Wines & Spirits Awards 2021 – Shangai Paper:


Awarded Gold by Shanghai Paper

Interview of China Awards to Mr. Michele Dalto

Owner and Founder since 2003

Question 1: Do you already export to CHINA ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in CHINA ?

Answer : No, at the moment we didn’t export to China but we are very interested because we are sure that the chinese food matches perfectly with our Svelato D’Artista. We are looking for relatively small importers that not require big amount of wine per order because we believe good wines cannot be produced in huge amount!

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

Answer : Long stay on the yeasts, fine bubbles, very traditional and typical wine produced with the modern technology. The presence of the yeast matching a transparent bottle are a synonym of natural product. It’s the wine of the past but it looks to the future. Easy, immediate and friendly wine.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Answer : We started to export about ten years ago in entire Europe. Occasionally to UEA but not anymore to be honest.

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