Home Food Anfu Road welcomes Funk and Kale

Anfu Road welcomes Funk and Kale

Anfu Road welcomes Funk and Kale

Wagas Shanghai Ltd.’s founder John Christensen and managing partner Jackie Yun put their reputable knowledge of the food and beverage sector and created a refined whole-day menu for Funk and Kale.

The menu includes fresh salads, poke bowls, tacos, pastas and curries. Indeed It’s menu is a fusion of culture that can cater to various preferences, fresh and healthy at reasonable prices.

Funk and Kale offers good food, good vibes. it’s a place where both locals and expats enjoy hanging out because of the casual and friendly atmosphere . The same feel that brought constant followers in the neighborhood.

Y+, a yoga studio, is located just above Funk and Kale which makes it a go-to-place for enthusiasts because of their low-carb, energy-boost plates every yogi expects.

Funk and Kale reveals that their customers like the wraps that they make. Since the brand’s concept is something new and fresh, they had to upgrade everything in the sense that there’s an exciting twist in their menu.

Hence, came about the jianbing, their signature menu which is made from fresh beetroot and eggs. The fillings include grilled salmon, smashed avocado, black beans, greens and dukkah, as well as a spicy version Sichuan chicken and others.

Their tacos is a stand out too. Instead of the usual Mexican tortilla they used the local scallion oil pancake and fillings such as pan-seared asparagus, guacamole or green granny coleslaw Funk and Kale also takes pride in the quality coffee they serve.

Indeed food traffic ought to up a notch in the arrival of this new chic cafe as Funk and Kale continues to be proud of being a local Shanghainese brand.


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