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Abbott promotes medical nutrition

Abbott promotes medical nutrition

Market opportunities in the special medical purpose food sector is paving the way for Abbott to up its game in China.

Almost 4% increase in the worldwide adult nutrition sales and almost 8% increase in the international adult nutrition sales is revealed in Abbott’s 2019 third quarter report. Nutrition brand Ensure and diabetic-specific brand Glucerna led Abbott’s sales numbers in the said period.

In June Abbott’s nutrition product Ensure 3 is included in the first batch of products registered as special food for special medical purposes in China. Abbott is confident that it can meet the nutritional demands of people who suffer from food intake and metabolic disorder digestion and absorption obstacles.

Ensure contains at least 30 grams of high quality protein and 22 essential vitamins and minerals that one’s body needs. It comes in Milk Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Mixed Berry and French Vanilla variants sure to suit consumers preference.

In addition, Abbott has special products for patients with diabetes. It’s leading brand Glucerna is a delicious meal replacement with CARBSTEADY and other unique blends of slow-release carbohydrates to help manage blood sugar.

Abbott is firm in combining expertise in both the medical and nutritional sciences to support people who need quality nutrition during recovery period.

In recent years it has been revealed that there has been a rise in nutrition-related diseases according to Health China Initiative. For the same reason the Health Promotion for the Elderly will be put into action.

China holds the largest number of seniors in the world. The age bracket of people aged 50 and over is almost 250 million, making up of almost 18% of China’s total population. According to Abbott’s data, almost 180 million elderly people in China suffer from chronic disease.

Data also revealed that a whopping 75% suffers from one or more chronic disease aggravating the aging trend. By 2030, life expectancy may reach 79.

China’s top health authority shares the number of in-hospital patients reaching 250 million in 2018. Thus, prompting th government to provide effective and medical nutrition to uplift the health of the patients as well as the elderly.


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