AB InBev advocates safe driving

Shanghai Newspaper_ AB InBev advocates safe driving

Hajiang, Generation Z’s virtual idol was introduced by AB InBev as Shanghai’s first virtual road safety ambassador during the 8th National Traffic Safety Day.

Frank Wang, executive director of general counsel for Budweiser APAC stated that the company will implement all means of serious digital innovation and actively cooperate with the police, experts and NGO’s. Moreover AB InBev is looking into promoting road safety and smart traffic on a higher level.

This year’s National Traffic Safety Day is themed Follow the Rules to Ensure Safe and Civilized Travel” to which Wang has emphasized the importance of norms and standards as he attributes many traffic hazards because of not paying attention to the rules.

Beating the red light or drunk driving may cause serious injury to individuals that’s why AB InBev is looking to remove the hazards on the road and build a sustainable and stable community.

A researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development in Beijing, Sun Fuquan shares the same opinion as Wang’s. Fuquan believes technology and digital innovation are key to improving road safety in cities.

Furthermore he believes that these activities will help people draw experiences from advanced digital solutions. He thinks they can combine them with local realities by earning from their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses, as they can create localized smart road safety solutions.

AB InBev has made a total investment of more than $3 billion and is currently running 30-large scale breweries with almost 20,000 employees across the country.

Data shows that road safety casualties have increased to a level that raises global concern. Road traffic incidents is now the ninth leading cause of death globally registering over 1 million casualties every year according to UN statistics. It also leads the ranking in cause of death of economically active people aged between 15 and 29.